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[Issue] (Resolved) In-App Purchases Fail on Google Play

2023-04-22 13:51
Hello, we are Team Rhythmicals.

Currently, in-app products in COXETA are not being purchased on Google Play since April 21.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We have confirmed that Google has temporarily suspended our payment system in accordance with relevant laws,

informing that there are unconfirmed informations about our developer's account.

Our development team has not been informed properly in advance regarding the suspension,

and has been contacting Google to request the certification process to be done.

However, since it is expected to take a long time to be resolved, we would like to inform you our future plans in advance.



1. Extension of the Event Period of the Ongoing 3rd Anniversary Event

The event period of ongoing 3rd Anniversary Celebration Event, which includes special offers for the music packs, will be extended.

Click here to see Event Details

Period Before: until May 7, 14:59 (UTC)
Period After: until May 28, 14:59 (UTC)

We sincerely appreciate your support.

We will make sure to provide enough time to have this special chance!



2. No Changes in the Update Schedule of Future Contents

There are some unrevealed contents that we were preparing to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

They are going to be updated according to our planned schedule, regardless of whether the problem is resolved or not.

We hope you refer to our future announcement about the updates.



We are sorry again for the inconvenience, and we promise to do our best to resolve the issue.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.



※ Additional Announcement (May 4, 05:00 UTC)

We have confirmed that the issue has been resolved and the products are available.

Due to the change in our developer's account caused by this issue, the developer's name in Google Play will be changed from "Team Rhythmicals" to "Rhythmicals Dev.".

However, please note that there are no changes in the actual management or in our policies regarding our game services.

Moreover, the event period of the ongoing 3rd Anniversary Event will be extended by 3 weeks, which will be until May 28, 14:59 (UTC).

We sincerely appreciate your patience. Thank you.