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[Announcement] Changes in In-App Purchase Prices

2022-10-04 16:00
Dear Players,

Due to an announcement from the Apple App Store, the price of in-app purchases will increase in certain countries including South Korea, Japan, and countries that use the euro, etc.

You may refer to the following link for detailed information.

[Visit Apple Developer News]

We have decided to lower the price tier of certain products in the Shop to reduce the burden caused by the price increase of in-app purchases.

Please note that prices may either increase or decrease depending on the countries where you live.

Also, we will be changing the price of the Google Play Store for equity with the App Store.

The details of the changes are as follows, and they will be reflected in the client update around October 5th or 6th.

However, the new price tier may not be reflected temporarily after the client update, as the exact date or time of the App Store's price tier update has not been announced.
Product Quantity / Price Before Quantity / Price After Tier Before Tier After
Pile of Cores 10 Cores / 0.99 USD 10 Cores / 0.99 USD 1 1
Heap of Cores 35 Cores / 2.99 USD 25 Cores / 1.99 USD 3 2
Basketful of Cores 55 Cores / 4.99 USD 55 Cores / 3.99 USD 5 4
Small Box of Cores 105 Cores / 8.99 USD 115 Cores / 7.99 USD 9 8
Large Box of Cores 215 Cores / 17.99 USD 215 Cores / 13.99 USD 18 14
Cargo of Cores 325 Cores / 26.99 USD (Suspension of sales) 27 -
We are sorry about any inconvenience or confusion, but we promise to do our best to help you if there are any problems you encounter with this issue.

Thank you.