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《costheta》 v2.1 Update Note

2022-06-15 16:30

《costheta》 v2.1 Update Note

1. New Music Pack

  • New music pack: PENTACORE. Unlock all the following musics with 50 cores!
    • AQU@RIS - Summer - - KoKoa
    • random number generator - arenji
    • Starlit Galaxy - SOLATIC
    • Abyss Party - 816ThreeNumbers
    • Once Again (VIP) - Cansol

2. New Disc Songs

  • New musics unlocked with discs!:
    • Lonely Travel - TimeTrace
    • Palescreen - WyvernP feat. Madol

3. New PARALLEL Pattern

  • A new PARALLEL pattern for the music below:
    • Secret Emotion - RoDy.cOde [PEEaNO]

4. New Story Episode

  • More episodes are now available in the story.
  • New nameplate and usertitle can be acquired in the episode.

5. Bug fixes and Miscellaneous

  • Improved game play experience related to slide notes.
    • After missing the start of the slide note, you can now still hit the slide without touching it again.
    • Mitigated timing of the end of slide notes.
      • Letting go of slide notes before its end passes the line will not be judged as MISS if it is in certain range,
  • Fixed an issue where 'NEW RECORD' was always displayed in the result.
  • Fixed an issue where some patterns could not be played in certain devices and environments.
  • Fixed an issue where wrong note skin and background was loaded in certain situations.
  • Improved visibility and touch range for arrows and play button in the music select screen.