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[Issue] (Resolved) Reported Issue about PARALLEL patterns not properly unlocked on iOS

2022-04-21 04:19
◈ Reported Issue on v2.0.0
- If you log in to v2.0.0 on iOS version with the account created before v2.0, the new PARALELL patterns in the purchased Music Pack are not unlocked properly

◈ Actions taken to Resolve the Issue
- The hotfix version v2.0.01 is now available on both Android and iOS store.
- Please try logging in to v2.0.01 to correctly unlock the patterns that were supposed to be unlocked.

◈ Information about Additional Support
- If you have already consumed Cores to unlock mislocked patterns in v2.0.0, Please let us know your User ID. We will help you restore the currency.
- In [Settings] - [Others] page, you may check your User ID and also directly mail us by clicking on the [Email] button.